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One Breath

Whether for freediving, skin diving, or scuba diving, the Philippine reefs have plenty to offer for those looking to explore the country’s underwater world. Diving in any form is amazing in the Philippines all year-round, with thousands of dive sites open for enthusiasts at any level and any depth.

The best places to start freediving are Batangas and Bohol. These two spots have areas with conditions perfect for freediving, calm lukewarm waters at great depths. Because of their popularity, some groups have been set up for training new and returning divers. It all starts with the eagerness to try it and the courage to go down deep.

Also Featured

Conservation in Kabila

Giant Clam Sanctuary

These creatures may be giants but they are also vulnerable and in danger of becoming extinct. This is because the island and coastal fishing communities unsustainably harvest them for food from the Philippines waters.

Ancient Caves

Kabayan Mummies

If you’re an avid traveller and are a fan of history and the concept of the world’s existence before our time, then you should understand how indispensable of a privilege historical sites like the mummies of Kabayan are.

Masungi Georeserve

Reserved for Nature

The Georeserve stands on the vanguard of progress in the Philippines and they have been trying to spread the much important concepts of sustainable living and environmental awareness. 

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